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Flashraid: Scientology – Peter got a little nervous

Daaaaaa, hey. Sorry, I got a cold, so I only attended today’s flashraid (Sunday, Jan. 23th, 2010) for about one hour or so. The others stayed a little longer. So this is just a small report, because… sorry, I yearn for my bed.

After last weeks flashraid, when Scientology had put up a booth of their alleged “Anti-Drug-campaign”, we had hopes for a booth of another Scifag-front-group like Criminon, Youth against human rights and the like. Something, but not the old boring Stresstest-booth we see every Sunday. But… Scientology doesn’t deliver. Boring cult. All they put up was the old, boring, used up Stresstest-Booth with the old, boring. Used up Scifags Peter, Sabine, Olaf (or Jan, which is his real name, but who gives a fuck? I still call him Olaf), and Roland. Maybe that’s all they have left? Maybe they had some other stress in the Org which they had to deal with (I heard of some Scifags blowing in the last weeks… rumors, I believe.), so all the “good people” had to do something else. I don’t know. It was just tiresome.

So it was four Scifags against nine Anons all together. Was it fun? Yeah, sure. Was it successful? Also yes. The Scifags didn’t sell a book, only some pedestrians had a little talk with them and had some fun. But than again: that’s the same picture like every time we raid them.

[Oh no!!!1! Somebody at the booth, talking with Scifags. Will she buy something? Leave 10.000 Euro? Join? Become OT 15?]

[… or maybe she just leaves…]

Peter, the walking meter.
The only interesting thing I witnessed when I was there has been Scifag Peter who got a little nervous. I mean: Peter is crazy (and short). He is nervous all the time, but usually he has some watchdog on his side. If that watchdog is missing – like today, Olaf and Sabine didn’t do a good job –, he mostly does some pretty stupid stuff. Today he tried to scare and handle us personally. One time he came around and tried to tell us, that we are not allowed to photograph him and the booth, the next time he told some of us, that he would know were they live (So… is this a threat Peter? Should we call the police on this?). Another time he told us that we are pitiful because we are not allowed to join Scientology. Really? (Damn, that was my main goal in life… Damn…) Some stuff like that. It was funny, because he did this every five minutes or so. But than again: that was the most interesting thing today. We hope for more fun next week. (Today it was just fucking cold, too. Maybe that took some fun out of the flashraid. Or it’s just me and my cold. I don’t know.)

[Some of todays Anons.]









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