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Message from Anonymous to the Government of Iran





Zusammenstöße in Iran gemeldet

Pro-Reformer Märsche, gewaltige Auseinandersetzungen mit Sicherheitskräften und Polizei gegen Demonstranten

Sozialen Netzwerke und Nicht-Staatlichen Agenturen melden heftige Zusammenstöße von Polizei und Demonstranten in Teheran.  Am heutigen Montag begaben sich tausende Demonstranten auf die Straßen zwischen Enghelab und Azadi  – die Verbindungsstrassen die zur Innenstadt führten. In der Innenstadt wurden sie von schwer bewaffneten Sicherheitskräften und Polizei erwartet.

Auf Twitter berichteten Augenzeugen vom Einsatz von Tränengas und verprügelten Demonstranten die umgehend abgeführt wurden. Al Jazeera Dorsa Jabbari, in Teheran, bestätigte Berichte, dass Sicherheitskräfte Tränengas, Pfefferspray und Schlagstöcken gegen die Demonstranten eingesetzt hatten.

(c) Source: Aljazeera

Im Einsatz waren über 10.000 Einsatzkräfte die die Demonstranten daran hindern wollten, ins Zentrum der Hauptstadt zu marschieren. Die Nachrichtenagentur AFP berichtet über dein Einsatz von „Paintball“ geschossen gegen Demonstranten. Das nachfolgende Video zeigt den Einsatz von Tränengast und Paintball geschossen. Zudem forderten die Demonstranten die Freilassung politischer Gefangener: >>Hier weiterlesen (englisch)<<

Iran 25 bahman 14 Feb 2011 Tehran, near Enghelab Sq Free political prisoner p08




Anti-government demonstrations swell in Iran; clashes reported

Die Peoples Liberation Front schließt sich Anonymous an, um gemeinsam gegen die Tyrannei der Regierung in Iran zu kämpfen. Zusammen mit den iranischen Widerstandkämpfern kämpft die PLF und Anonymous Schulter an Schulter für die Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit des iranischen Volkes.

Die PLF stellt Anonymous die gesamten Ressourcen für diesen Kampf zu Verfügung. Wie in den vergangenen Schlachten sollten sie die auf der Webseite von Anonymous Command Center bleiben um Neuigkeiten und Aktionen zu erfahren.

Guide to Safety and Victory in Street Confrontations

The tips below are provided by veterans of street battles within various contexts. Everyone who seeks to use them should try to bring as many of the described materials as possible in order to provide extras to others. But don’t carry too much, as it will make it harder to move quickly when quick movements may be required.
Remember: When you record and document, you allow the world to watch, and to act; bring more than one recording device and keep one concealed if possible, and in such a way that you may set it to record without it being known.

Remember, the carrying capacity of the group also counts. Distribute supplies as per your group strategy and do so as evenly as possible among protestors.

1. Protective headgear and clothing.

* Bicycle helmets provide good protection. Those designed for down-hill racing provide full-face cover and are the most secure. Construction helmets (hard hats) will also help protect the head, and are as widely available as bicycle helmets.

* A towel or thick cloth wrapped around the head can provide some protection, but is not optimal. It can then be covered with a metal bowl or pot for more protection but it is important that you are still able to see.
* Wear thick clothes if you will be in range of rocks or other objects being thrown. Multiple layers may help protect against broken bones or other severe injuries.

* Remember: The momentum shock to the head can still cause internal injuries, even if the outside of the head appears uninjured.

2. Shoes.

These should be relatively sturdy, but still comfortable to run in, and non-slippery, and, if possible, resistant to chemicals. Don’t wear anything that may slip off, make sure laces are double knotted, etc.

3. Keep blankets and water on hand to be used together in case of a person on fire.

Use a wet blanket to put out the fire

– Do not try to use water to put petroleum (gasoline) fires out.

4. Something to protect forearms with as these are a natural guard to cover face/head.

Chin guards or rolled up newspapers are good alternatives.Foam plastic is a handy and light-to-carry protection against all kinds of blows. Chairs, and folding step ladders also work as personal protection.

5. Even a simple first-aid kit can prove very helpful in unpredictable circumstances (see below).

6. Safety in numbers, remain alert and aware of your safety and the safety of people around you.

7. Remember you must try to avoid violence to protect the legitimacy of your movement.


1. Avoid heavy protein intake during active times. It is difficult to digest and will slow you down.

2. Vitamin C

3. Sugar is a quick remedy in situations of energy lack, but it can cause your blood sugar to
drop rapidly later on.

4. Take care of drinking enough.

5. At downtime, when you will have a few hours to rest, try if you can to eat a healthy balanced meal, and get some rest. List of objects needed to assist protesters:

* Towels

* Water, and fire extinguishers (do not take all fire extinguishers from an area, only extra’s you can spare)

* Blankets, and fire blankets if possible

* Hard hats, bicycle helmets, and other head protection, sports protective gear, motorcycle and offroad equipment

* Pots and metal bowls which can act as protection for the head in combination with a towel or other padding

* Thick clothes

* First Aid kits, supplies, and bandages

* Ladders

* Step ladders or other items which can provide some use as shields

* Soap and disinfectants

* Safety Pins and Tape

Some Recommended Contents for a First Aid Kit

Adhesive tape – Alcohol – rubbing and wipes – Aspirin – Cotton swabs -Disposable latex gloves – Elastic bandages – Face mask for CPR – Flashlight – Hot-water bottle – Hydrogen Peroxide – Safety pins – Salt – Scissors -Sugar or glucose solution – Thermometer – Waterproof tape

The source of this document will have other documents for you soon. Also see the Guide to Protecting the North African Revolution series for additional expertise on defense, offense, tactics, and security; this may be found via Google.

Special Instructions From Iranian Street Activist On Confronting The Iranian Secret Police Known As The Basij – The Religeous Militia

It should be note that the Basij are specifically targeting the weak, young, & frail. In 100% of the Youtube videos you see a slightly built kid or old man being ganged up on by 2-6 men. If you ever see a well built or muscular youth he usuaully beats the hell out of them. Pls tweet these tips, that most street/guerrila fighters use.

NOTE : only use when faced with life threatening force or firearms. Gear

-Wear a kevlar vest or even two if you can find them

-Wear tight clothes, tight belt, strong shoe laces

-Wear oil or suntan lotion so you cannot be gripped

-Wear an athletic supporter or CUP to protect againt groin kicks

-Do not wear loose clothes; that can be strangled or twisted around you

-Get brass knuckles or a piece of metal that can be bent over fist with rubber

-Small piece of wood with three nails in it to fit in fist.

-Put talcum powder in pockets and throw in eyes

-Carry water pistols with bleach

-Carry small razors

-Tape clubs to both outer-legs under pants

Fighting tips:

-Always run; if cornered or outnumbered, strike first and hard, retreat immediately

-Most will be stunned by ingenious but savage nature of your response. That gives time to strike others or flee

-Never stop moving, twisting, trashing; use legs for traction

-Always approach sideways; with the width of your body, so smallest area is exposed

-Punch into the throat: this cuts off breathing

-Swipe legs to trip and push over

-Poke into eyes

-Bite onto fingers; and clamp down

-Twist arms backward, elbow above shoulder to break

-Hit the upper back of head, not front (too thick) or sides (easy to miss) The goal is to stun, strike and flee.

Most people try to box, become indignant and want to retaliate or go into submission while they are winning. These tactics are primitive and instill terror and tap into humans inate self-preservation instincts. Your opponent will be in shock as whether your next bite will be to jugular or to rip out an eye.

Fight dirty — that is your only hope, and their worst fear.

Visit: http://www.peoplesliberationfront.info/

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