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Anonymous: Operation Sunlight

Operation Sunlight

Fire the media, Be your own press,

Post the gems of the last decade

Dear Media,

We have a saying you all should know by now: We do not forget.

We sent out a polite announcement on behalf of the people of Wisconsin that Anonymous will not put up with fact-free rumor meming. The people deserve the whole story and the rationale.

You insist on agitating, nudging, and manipulating the people of Wisconsin without giving them full details. The people of Wisconsin are not going to accept that their public servants will act against their will, and certainly not with the corporate media poisoning the memestream with unsubstantiated rumors. The story of Wisconsin is one of backroom bartering and the usual tricks of corporate rackets. Don’t play innocent. You derailed the discussion from corruption in the govt to the soap opera.

What was barely noticed was the attempt to sell Wisconsin infrastructure for pennies on the dollar. This is a huge issue buried in the confusion the media helped create. It affects everyone. Even after this detail broke the air waves, the media constantly drove the focus off the firesale and into the drama. We noted that the media chose to leave the protestors without a voice. We facepalmed at the media blaming the people for the problems all states face, the fallout of decades of systemic corruption and media complicity in watering down the facts or hyping them beyond credibility.

Your audiences will be shown the full extent of your silent agreement with the erosion of liberties. We will show them your true colors. We have also noted the cowardice of most mainstream media on the subject of Bradley Manning. By the time we’re done, people will be naming their dogs Bradley and their horses Manning. Your refusal to at least call for justice for someone who was doing the job you claim to do is going to cost you greatly in the eyes of your audiences. We are not coming after your websites, the individual careers of your spineless editors, or your condos in Hawaii.

We are past tickling you. We are coming after you. Consider yourselves fired and replaced. We know you do not respect the hidden truth and its defenders. We are reminding you that your past is just as damning.

Dearest citizens,

To bring forth a renaissance in journalism and show the people that they have the power to speak for themselves and combine efforts to promote truth, we are calling on everyone to take a hard look at the last ten years. Have you been served well by the media? Have you found the facts in time to make informed decisions? Or have you been misled?

Now is the time to strike back. A simple google search such as „media lies“ will pull up thousands of articles. Pick any topic that interests you. For example, how much time did the media spend on the story of James Frey lying about the events in his book compared to stories that matter? Can you honestly say there aren’t stories in your own town or state that deserved more attention than Britney Spears‘ latest video or Annie Liebowitz prostituting Miley Cyrus?

We are providing a package of information on how to search, put together a blog, and promote the truth in your home town and state. If it’s not in the media, put it up, tweet it, drive a world of traffic to the truth. If the media is misrepresenting the facts hit their forums and let the people know what really is going on. The last ten years have made us all numb. But that’s a state of mind. This exercise will awaken our senses again. We are also providing resources where to post stories and get attention to information. We need to have a longer attention span than two administrations.

Find topics that you care about, put up a blog, and post it to the websites and forums of the media. All it takes is a few clicks and the tenacity to keep showing the world what really happens not what the media prioritizes on behalf of advertisers. The first wave will be to focus on events of the past that the media wants forgotten. The second wave will be stories from your hometown that never got the coverage they deserve. We are not isolated if we choose not to be. We are not meant to only care what happens in our neck of the woods and Hollywood to the exclusion of the successes and pain of our neighbors. If you want you can choose either wave or share ideas of other ways to expose the epic failure that is the media.

We suggest beginning with items from 2000 to 2005, 2003 to 2008, or 2006 to what your hopes are for 2011. We will collect and distribute links and instructions on where you can create accounts and post. At the very least this will drive interest in new information sharing platforms– something we can assure you the media do not want you to see or participate in. Let’s make it their worst nightmare. To those among the media who have supported the truth, the cause of freedom, and the free exchange of information, grab some popcorn and watch the show. Join us in #sunlight on AnonOps. Remember Tomorrow!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us – always.


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