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PLF: Operation Ivory Coast Press Release



Operation Ivory Coast


300,000 innocent people flee for their lives from a dictator in the Ivory Coast who seems to have lost remorse for their people. This country is the next in a line of domino countries that have had their dictators and oppressors toppled, they are standing on the brink of civil war. As we are helping free Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia other countries are standing in anticipation as the people all seem to come to a common epiphany. As we have helped these other countries on a battlefield that was not priority to them, we need to defend the lives of people in the ivory coast that fear that they may never have the freedoms these countries we have helped free do.

For almost an entire year a dictator has stood over his people watching them suffer only to take more lives and put a maniacal tax on the country’s main export. Last year in the Ivory Coast elections Laurent Gbagbo was democratically decided to lose his place as president to Alassane Ouattara, he refused and started setting up huge taxes on cocoa which the Ivory Coast exports more than any other country. 40% of the worlds cocoa comes from here and to many people it was their way of surviving, and this man took that away by taxing them insanely. To us it is not about whether the elections were rigged or not it is the fact that the people our crying for assistance and no one comes to their aid. Well we will.

Why action now you say?

Last week peaceful women protestors were protesting in Abidjan, this peaceful protest turned deadly instantaneously. 7 people were shot and all eventually died. No provoking action by the protestors. The people this week stand in reverence and protest to the deaths of these innocent protestors, and it is our turn to assist them in the removal and protest of a repressive government who does not care for their freedoms or even their lives.
Stand with the people of the Ivory Coast and show them that they still have allies.


They are NOT alone
Grab your weapons !
It is once again time to defend a people who have a new found voice.
People of the world you are not alone.

irc: #opivorycoast

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us…

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Ein Gedanke zu “PLF: Operation Ivory Coast Press Release

  1. Danke, Thanks, Grazie, Merci , شكرا, با تشکر, Teşekkürler, Dankie, Gracias, ありがとう Anonymous

    Verfasst von Giuseppe Cavaleri | März 10, 2011, 10:02 pm

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