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Protest Survival Guide (with pictures). 抗议生存指南(附图片)。

Protest Survival Guide (with pictures). 抗议生存指南(附图片)。

by Anonymous (In English and Chinese) 由无名氏(英文及中文):

Protester protect his head using bread . It’s called a Bread Helmet.


What to wear: 穿什么:

* Comfortable, protective shoes that you can run in. *舒适,防护鞋,你可以运行英寸

* Shatter-resistant eye protection (ie. Sunglasses, swim goggles) 防碎保护眼睛(即太阳眼镜,游泳护目镜)

* Weather-related gear (ie. Rain gear or sun hat) 天气相关设备(即雨具或太阳帽)

Protester used plastic bottles to protect his head. This is called a Bottle Helmet.

What to bring *项目带:

* Plenty of water to drink. (in plastic bottles). *水。大量的水。水塑料瓶是好的。使用后的塑料头盔。

* Energy snacks *能源小吃

* A small medi-kit with bandages, plasters, tape etc. 一个小药箱(急救箱)用绷带,胶带等

* Money for food, transportation, and pay phone 的钱 只为付费电话,食品,运输足够。

* Watch, paper and pen (for accurate documentation of events, police brutality, injuries) 手表,纸张和钢笔(供警察暴行/伤害事件的准确资料)相机,手机(到录像带)

* Inhaler, epipen, insulin or other prescription *吸入器epipen,胰岛素或其他处方

* Several days of prescription medication and doctor’s note in case of arrest. 处方药和医生的注意的情况下逮捕了好几天。

*Menstrual pads, if needed. Avoid using tampons – if you’re arrested you may not have a chance to change it (tampons left in for more than six hours increase your risk of developing toxic shock syndrome) *月经垫,如果需要的话。避免使用卫生棉条- 如果你逮捕你可能没有机会改变它(左六个多小时,增长了你的发展中毒性休克综合征的风险棉球)

Protester used a box to protect his head. This is called a Box Helmet.

What not to do 不要做:

* Don’t wear things that can easily be grabbed (ie. Dangly earrings or other jewellery, ties, loose hair) 不要穿那件衣服很容易被抓住(首饰,领带,松散的头发)

* Don’t go to the protest alone, if you can help it. It is best to go with an affinity group or some friends who know you well. 不要去单独的抗议,如果你能帮助它。最好是去与亲和组或几个朋友谁知道你。

* Don’t forget to eat food and DRINK LOTS OF WATER. 不要忘了吃食物和喝大量水。

*Do not bring contacts. Wear your glasses. 不要戴隐形眼镜。戴上你的眼镜。

*Don’t drink alcohol. 不要喝酒。

* Don’t take drugs. 不要将药物做。

* Don’t bring any ID, if possible. 不要携带任何身份证,如果可能的话。

Protester wearing a pot on his head. This is called a pot helmet.

Guide To Basic First Aid 基本急救指南


Essentials 要领:

  • Water  水
  • Gloves (2 pair, non-latex nitrile or plastic) 手套(2对,非丁腈橡胶或塑料)
  • Gauze (4 sterile or clean, 4×4″ or 3×3″)(4无菌或干净,4 × 4“或3 × 3“)
  • Band-aids (1 variety box) 创可贴(1变种盒)
  • Tape (1 roll, paper or plastic, no Scotch, duct or electrical)  磁带(1卷,纸或塑料,没有苏格兰威士忌,导管或电气)
  • Bandanas (3 in sealable plastic bags) 导管或电气)头巾(3密封塑料袋)
  • Prescription Medicines (preferrably in original containers, immediate needs can be carried in a pill fob)
  • Money (cash is preferred, but a debit/credit card can also be carried)  鉴别(如果您有医疗问题,尤其是

Protester is wearing Styrofoam. This is called a Styrofoam helmet.

Medicine Basics:

  • Aspirin and/or ibuprofen (trial size, in original containers) 阿司匹林和/或布洛芬(试行大小,在原容器中)
  • Benadryl (trial size, in original container) 苯海拉明(试行大小 在原包装中)
  • Rescue Remedy (for shock, trauma or anxiety) 救援补救(为休克,外伤或焦虑)
  • Candy or energy bars (4) 糖果或能量棒(4)
  • Rehydration drink mix (Emergen-C, Gatorade) 补液混合饮料(Emergen- C中,佳得乐)
  • Suncreen (alcohol-based) 防晒霜(含酒精的)
  • Roller gauze (8-12′ roll) 辊纱布(8-12摇滚乐)
  • Antiseptic wipes (12) 抗菌湿巾(12)
  • Maalox or other liquid antacid mixed 1:1 with water (Stomach medicine 胃药) (1 24-oz. sport-top bottle) 抗酸胃药或其他液体与水1:1混合(1 24盎司。体育顶瓶)
  • Mineral oil and rubbing alcohol (in separate bottles) 矿物油和外用酒精(在分装)
  • Pure lemon juice (100-percent real lemon juice, in separate bottle) 纯柠檬果汁(百分之百真实柠檬汁在单独的瓶)
  • Tampons (for nosebleeds) 卫生棉条(对于流鼻血)
  • Safety pins (8) 安全别针(8)
  • Paper and plastic bags (2 each) 纸和(2个)
  • Pen and notepad (gel pens or other all-surface, all-angle pens preferred)塑料袋笔和记事本(中性笔或其他全表面,全角笔意)
  • Bandage scissors (blunt-ended, to avoid potential weapons charges) 绷带剪(钝端,以避免潜在的费用武器)
  • Penlight 小电筒

3月6去了天河城對面, 有大批保安和佩戴紅袖章的”便衣”在巡邏 . 不说话的红色臂章!

3/6/2011 Tianhe City (China) Undercover officials  with red armbands patrolling the public. Do not speak to red armband!!!

[This pictures was from a protester in China, as you can see he/she hid in the trees to avoid being caught photographing the police. He/she is very brave.]

DIY pepper spray for attack dogs 制作自己的胡椒喷雾(犬用)


Defense against attack dogs 狗攻击防御


Free and uncensored DNS-Servers: 自由和未经审查的DNS的服务器 (Ports 端口: 53, 110) (Ports 端口: 53, 110, HTTPS-DNS, DNSSEC) 安全的互联网。的“HTTP“ (Ports 端口: 53, 110, HTTPS-DNS, DNSSEC) 安全的互联网。的“HTTP“ (Ports 端口: 53, 110, DNSSEC) 安全的互联网。的“HTTP“ (Ports 端口: 53, 110, HTTPS-DNS, DNSSEC) 安全的互联网。的“HTTP“ (Ports 端口: 53, 110, DNSSEC) 安全的互联网。的“HTTP“

Media Contact List 媒体联系人名单

Call these numbers, if someone does not answer, leave a message. IMPORTANT TO LEAVE A MESSAGE. 呼叫这些号码,如果有人没有回答,留言。重要要留言。

Al Jazeera: (+974)4489-7446 / (+974)4489-7451, FAX: (+974)4489-7472

New York Times: +12125561831

CNN: +14048782276, FAX: +14048271995

ABC News: +12129754321, FAX: +12129751893

ABC News Program Director: +12124565107

BBC World: +44(0)2084332221, FAX: +44(0)2084333266

Interpol: +33 (0)4 72 44 71 63

Red Cross Washington DC: +12023035000

Human Rights First: +12128455200, +12025475692, fax: +12025435999

BBCVideo: http://www.bbc.co.uk/videonation/contribute/submission.shtml

BBC Pictures: http://upload.news.bbc.cs.streamuk.com/

BBC E-mail Pictures: yourpics@bbc.co.uk

CNN iReport: http://ireport.cnn.com/ (need to register)

Al Jazeera : http://yourmedia.aljazeera.net/

CNN: sarita.harilela@cnn.com, Judy.Kwon@cnn.com

SKY: skyforeign@gmail.com

Temporary Email 临时电子邮件;

Send emails with these websites. Email account last for ten (10) minutes only. 发送秘密电子邮件。电子邮件帐户的十昨(10)分钟。




A mini flashlight, batteries, a first aid kit, box matches, 2 emergency candles, a rain poncho 一个微型手电筒,哨子,电池,一个急救箱,盒火柴,2紧急蜡烛,雨衣

How to Evaluate Shock in First Aid – wikiHow 如何评估急救休克-wikiHow的


Basic First Aid – wikiHow 基本急救-wikiHow的


How to Do CPR on an Adult – wikiHow 如何做一个成人心肺复苏术-wikiHow的


How to Make Protective Riot Gear – wikiHow 如何使保护防暴-wikiHow的


Homemade Flame Retardant 国产阻燃


Make your own Gas Mask: Step-by-Step Guide | Popular Science 制作您自己的防毒面具:步骤分步指南|科普


Anonymous: Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution | Why We Protest | Activism Forum 无名氏:生存指南为公民在革命|为什么我们抗议|能动性论坛




Direct Action Survival Guide 直接行动生存指南


Hope this helps, leave comments for help. Good luck. 希望这会有所帮助,给寻求帮助的意见。祝你好运。

Thanks to Anonymous

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