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Eyewitness: Gaddafi waging a campaign of murder

شاهد عيان: القذافي يشن حملة قتل كبيرة في الزاوية



heartbreaking call from father in #azzawiya #libya. rough translation: The reporter is asking : “What is happening in Zawiya ? We see demonstrations supporting Gaddafi on Libyan tv – can you tell us what is really going on in Zawiya ?” Civilian : “What’s happening in Zawiya is tragic. There are no supporting demonstrations. There are people he brought here. He is sticking us with aircrafts. He is doing what Holako did. He is taking dead people from the ground. He has taken people from the hospitals. I have my dead son next to me here in the house. (He is crying, sobbing.) I can’t bury my own son. “ He is asking people from Sabha, from neighboring cities, to help, and is making prayers. He is saying, “Gaddafi doesnt fear God; he is not human. Doesn’t anyone have humanity any more? Why do Algeria and Syria not support the no-fly zone” call is then cut

comment: I am so sorry the American government is not helping. We can spend billions to support a corrupt government the people don’t want in Afganistan, but we can’t move a muscle to stop butchery, even when asked, in Libya. I don’t understand what „caution“ they are talking about. The whole thing shows how baddly we have fallen as world leaders. Especially since this is an opportunity to show we aren’t all George Bushes. Most Americans do care. God be with the people of Libya.

Shame, Shame on the entire Western politics

While others sleep, we fight for freedom and reducing of collateral damage. What does the politics, nothing. You should be ashamed of yourselves



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