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We are in danger – an open Letter to Anonymous

Hello chanology. You know us, we are from /b/. for many years you have come to us for requests of raids, and numbers for your protests. We went and assisted you many times. Majorly for the lulz, but mainly because it was the right thing to do. I was proud of what you guys became. A fighting unit for what was right.

I am a former member and I assisted you during project chanology. I forgot the name of my account, i havent been on here for a year. And the email used was gone after My old computer broke down. I helped out Mainly spreading information and recruiting people from /b/, myspace, facebook etc, I got perma banned many times in 4chan for spamming and trying to recruit for protests. I am one of your own, however, I am disheartened and disapointed on how blind you have become. no puns intended btw.

Many other anons are currently fighting to prevent the New World order. I get it, many of you are skeptics. I was one too, until I did my own research, and ended up with a rude awakening. I became depressed, i didnt want to be a part of this world, because I knew what was to become of it.

But then. i saw a video of other Anons calling for action on march 28th. I said to myself. „There is hope afterall“. I came here to see if chanology would get involved. To my surprise, you are still fighting scientology. Again, I get it, they are an Evil cult that must be stopped. However you are missing the bigger picture. What if they arent the root of all evil, and the root was somewhere else?

I write to you, because I believe… no I am convinced we are all in grave danger. I know you guys still think it is all a conspiracy. But there is actual facts about the banks that you arent aware about.

My question to you. If you found out the root of all evil, or the cause for the worlds problems. Wouldn’t you try and stop them instead of focusing on a cult that is probably trying to divert your attention from it’s true masters?

What if I tell you, you are inside a metal gear solid type of story? Because my rude awakening was that of a world similar to that game. I drew the conclusion that, people know what’s going on and try to relay the message through arts, movies, games etc. Why? because of censorship. very rarely will you see the truth on mainstream media. Logic says, if they are controlled by the banks, they will keep quiet about the real news.

Now, I know you do not want to abandon chanology, however, the root of their power is in the banks. You kill the private banks, you shuttoff scientology. Not only that, you will have taken out a world empire by simply aiming at the banks.

How are we in danger? If you are familiar with the MGS story, you will notice, that the secret villains focus on the war economy.

There is actual evidence about this. They have their private banks branch all over the world. They finance all sides during the war.

The Federal bank is one of them.

To put it into another perspective. The U.S was funded with one of many purposes, but one of them was to get away from the private banks of Britain. Those banks found a way to take over the U.S, without anyone noticing.

I know its hard to believe this. However, you need to think outside the box on this one, and ask yourself. „what if the rumors are true?“ This would mean, life as we know it is about to end soon. The collapse of the dollar will happen soon, WW3 will soon erupt. Countries are getting angry and things are heating up.

What if I told you, that there is a way to prevent WW3?. We have the power, all it takes is unification. But it needs to be done soon or it will be too late. I ask you to look into this. I supported you all these years, Anonymous has a chance to make history and take down an empire which would fix EVERYTHING that is wrong with this world including taking out scientology.

You gotta hit em where it hurts the most. Through their pockets, and I bet you, that scientology have stocks in the stockmarket. You take down the banks, you also take out scientology so its a win win situation on both sides.

I beg you guys to unite. Please look into this, this is a serious threat, not only for us, but Humanity in general. NO human being should act like a God when they are human.

I am tired of the system, I am tired of seeing this world how it is when all it takes is unification to abolish all evil.

Proof there is corruption?







We are in danger

Chanology, Anonymous, Anonymous Operations, and many others fighting for their goals. Where one believes the root of all evil to have found, trying to uproot them. But it is really true that this knowledge can really solve the disaster our problems? Is this really the root for which they are held, or is it to find elsewhere.

In this a case on 28 March we must all pulling together. Chanology, Anonymous, AAA, PLF and all other working in concert with one voice against the planned world domination of the banks and content Mafia. This will be a blow that shook the world.

Spread this message and let us act together against it!

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Ein Gedanke zu “We are in danger – an open Letter to Anonymous

  1. wow. well done.

    „…and let us act together -“


    Verfasst von FSS34 | März 26, 2011, 5:16 pm

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