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A message from Commander X .. PLF Field Commander

Commander X: To our Facebook staff and friends. First I would like to thank you for your incredible messages of support for myself, our staff – and the PLF. As we enter this next, intense phase of this global cyber insurgency, our attack vectors and enemies are multiplying geometrically. It is unfortunate, but we are now spending nearly as much time defending our selves and our assets as we are fighting evil tyrants. Whether it’s Backtrace Security or the Iranian Cyber Army, the Jester or Aaron Barr – our enemies are both cunning and relentless.

Meanwhile, we can not relent in our battle with Gadhafi, Saleh, Gagbho – and all the other evil tyrants who are killing our brothers and sisters around the world. Some have called this the first World Information War. The term I love is Transnational Global Cyber Insurgency. In any case, the battle for world freedom is getting intense, and will become far more so as we stuggle through this amazing year; 2011.

In times like these, our covictions and perseverance will be tested to their limits. Stay strong, have eachothers back – and remember the words of our beloved leader Commander Adama. „It’s okay to be afraid, fear is a natural reaction to evil and tyranny. Courage is not a lack of fear, rather courage is fear that has said it’s prayers“.

Welcome back Sir!



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