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OpSaveED – You can’t throw Encyclopedia Dramatica away!

Known to many Anons as a great history and archive of internet memes, Encyclopedia Dramatica served as an excellent tool for many ’newfags‘ learning about teh interwebs. Recently the founders and creators of ED and whatport80.com have committed web design seppuku, purposely demolishing both sites for the newly announced ohinternet.com, which is basically a poorly made SFW version of ED meant as a stunt to literally reduce bandwidth, as, according to them, the „server costs were too high“.

The very owners of Encyclopedia Dramatica have stated this, as well as their intention to sue anyone who tries to replicate, mirror, or redistribute ED. This, in essence, destroys ED in its entirety. Thanks to fellow Anons, an archive is in the making for public use that will be freely available, regardless of what the owners demand. One thing the owners did not realize is that the intellectual property belongs to the writers; this means they technically do not even own the materials on ED.

It is unacceptable that a company would go to such lengths, with such disregard for their user base – that they, in their words „do not care about“ – merely to save money on bandwidth; something that is nowadays very cheap. All this would have been tolerable, had they released an archive of the ED content – however, they have not done this, do not have any plans of doing so in the future, and were unable to provide a solid reason as to why no archive was released. This is an outright insult to those whom, over the years, have worked hard to make ED what it was. This is a direct affront to the contributors – whose work is now essentially thrown away.

We invite you to join us in our discussions and efforts, to see that lulz will be shared with many, and justice be brought upon this company – a company whose ideas stand in direct conflict with our own values. Join us at the AnonOps IRC Network. You can find us at irc.anonops.ru:6667 #OpSaveED, or use the webchat at http://anono.ps/OpSaveED.

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We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

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2 Gedanken zu “OpSaveED – You can’t throw Encyclopedia Dramatica away!

  1. Great!
    Now the reptilian shape shifters control EVERYTHING!
    I hate Internet.

    Verfasst von John Doe | April 20, 2011, 2:12 pm
  2. Come back ED. 😦

    Verfasst von KKK | April 17, 2011, 9:24 pm

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