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A formal status update on the Encyclopedia Dramatica revival movement

Encyclopedia Dramatica Revival Movement

Earlier this month, the infamously raunchy Internet wiki Encyclopædia Dramatica was taken down from the web by its owner, and replaced with the politically correct (and more commercially viable) website, Oh Internet.

ED’s founder, girlvinyl (AKA Sherrod DeGrippo), took the wiki down without any official announcement or explanation, leaving ED’s devoted userbase and the wider Internet community reeling from the loss. „Encyclopædia Dramatica was a beacon for free speech on the Internet. Sherrod DeGripCock turned around and spat in free speech’s’s face. Now free speech is gargling her spit and spitting it back in her mouth.“ said former ED user EoN on IRC.

Encyclopedia Dramatica was a repository of Internet lore, history, culture, and lulz – and the Internet has refused to part with it without a fight. And so #OpSaveED, a collective effort by the readership of ED, started a collaborative project to rescue its content, comprised of several thousand articles, and give it a new home on a newly created wiki.

The new wiki – encyclopediadramatica.ch – is still in its infancy, but the combined efforts of the members of the operation has already made an impact. Currently, there are literally over 9,000 articles on ED.CH, which were retrieved through various means such as a public archive by WebEcology, Archive.org, and the Google Cache.

The heart of the operation can be found on IRC, where netizens of every creed are working around the clock to restore the beloved content the original ED was once home to. Participants in #OpSaveED remain optimistic about the future of their new wiki: „Encyclopædia Dramatica .CH: The past is now [the] future, help rebuild.“ said operation member memejamerator.

The new Encyclopædia Dramatica can be found at http://www.encyclopediadramatica.ch/

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