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Sony to be hit by third ‘hacktivist’ attack

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A third cyber attack on the beleaguered technology company Sony is imminent, reports suggest.

Anonymous Operations, which released a statement on behalf of the Anonymous group of “hacktivists” denying responsibility for the first two attacks, said that evidence had been submitted to blog The Hacker News, suggesting that a renewed assault is planned.

The Hackers News blog claimed today that an email sent to it contained links “from Sony FTP, that may lead to another big HIT to sony’s Network”. The post continued: “That mail shows that some more hackers are planning to give 3RD big HIT to sony soon…. Have a Look to these links.” [sic]

Anonymous, the mysterious network of hackers, had been blamed by some for the first two attacks on Sony which saw around 70 million PlayStation Network users’ personal details leaked. The company’s databases were hacked twice in April and credit cards, addresses and login details of millions of users were stolen. It has since been reported that the company had found a file in Anonymous’ name on its servers but Sony refrained from directly accusing the Internet vigilantes of carrying out the attack.

And a statement released on Thursday afternoon by people claiming to represent the group denied responsibility. It read: “we didn’t do it as we will never hurt the innocent (public) in anyway and we haven’t done so with any of our operations till date. Let it be know that Anonymous Operations : Operation Payback is not responsible for the data breach of Sony and their servers”. [sic]

The spokesman also claimed that there was evidence suggesting the perpetrator was a lone hacker not linked to Anonymous. Confusingly, though, the statement goes on to say that “anyone can be Anonymous, he claimed to be anonymous and carried out his business in the name of anonymous. So since he did it without our knowledge, we couldn’t do anything about it”.

It is unclear what form the attack may take or whether it has already been carried out undetected.




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