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NASA concludes Gravity Probe B space-time experiment, proves Einstein really was a genius

Well, it looks like Einstein knew what he was talking about, after all. Earlier this week, researchers at NASA and Stanford released the findings from their six-year Gravity Probe B (GP-B) mission, launched to test Einstein’s general theory of relativity. To do so, engineers strapped the GP-B satellite with four ultra-precise gyroscopes to measure two … Weiterlesen

Streit um Volkszählung „Statistik, nicht Spitzelei“

Ab Montag will der Staat Auskunft – zur Arbeitszeit, zur Herkunft, zur Toilette. Ein Gespräch zwischen der Autorin Juli Zeh, die den Zensus verweigert, und dem obersten Volkszähler Gert G. Wagner. Ab Montag stehen die Zensusbefrager vor der Tür, jeder zehnte Bürger wird stichprobenartig befragt. Frau Zeh, werden Sie die Volkszähler reinlassen? Juli Zeh: Nein, … Weiterlesen

Anonymous: Sony, I am Disappoint

A N O N Y M O U S „SONY, I AM DISAPPOINT“ For Immediate Distribution Press Release May 7th, 2011 A ‚HiveMind Effort‘ from Anonymous Holdings LLC (Bermuda) Yesterday, an article appeared in Financial Times, alleging Anonymous‘ involvement in the data and identity theft of some hundred million users of Sony’s Playstation Network and … Weiterlesen

Fake certificate attack targets Facebook users in Syria

Fake certificate attack targets Facebook users in Syria al-Assad family suspected of spying on its subjects A man-in-the-middle attack is being run against users of the secure version of Facebook in Syria, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) warns. The semi-professional attack against the HTTPS version of the Facebook site relies on a digital certificate unsigned … Weiterlesen

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