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Playstation Network Down: Anonymous Members Admit Hacker Group to Blame

With Playstation Network down for close to a month now, it seems like an eternity for users and it has been. More upsetting than not being able to log into Sony’s Playstation Network or not getting an apology was finding out that the hackers could have stolen the sensitive information of millions of users.File:Detalle botones DualShock 3.jpg

Now, Sony is focusing once again on the hacker group Anonymous, which had previously hacked into the Playstation Network. This time around though, higher-ups in the group issued a statement denying any involvement in PSN’s crisis.

However, not all members agree with that official statement. Two veteran members of Anonymous broke their silence and pretty much admitted that other members of the group had caused the „Playstation Network down“ problem.

One of those hackers stated that a smaller group within Anonymous called OpSony were to blame for this latest round of Sony being hacked into. The veteran hacker stated that while in an Anonymous chat room, he witnessed talk of „technical details of vulnerability in Sony’s network“ that were later exploited and used to cause the Playstation Network to be down.

He said, „The hacker that did this was supporting OpSony’s movements.“

The other veteran member of Anonymous breaking her silence, Kayla, stated, „If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it. Just because the rest of Anonymous might not agree with it, doesn’t mean Anonymous didn’t do it.“

Kayla definitely has a point at least in regards to hackers in her group. When it comes to an organization that is as large as Anonymous is proving to be, there are bound to be some rogue members who are out to prove they are better than their collective. Fortunately for Sony, the admissions of these two hackers could go a long way in helping them catch the actual culprits who caused the „Playstation Network down“ crisis.

Also, besides having Kayla and another senior member of Anonymous blabbing, the group is facing some inner turmoil as a civil war has broken out amongst the different factions. It seems that Anonymous‘ social structure maybe facing some down time of its own. Apparently, payback is not only a b****, it’s a bunch of anger hackers going after each other. Could the „Playstation Network down“ time be coming back around as wicked karma? >>> gather



2 Gedanken zu “Playstation Network Down: Anonymous Members Admit Hacker Group to Blame

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  2. Sony is hacked unfriendly to hackers and threatened with court

    Verfasst von JER0EN R0LAND | Mai 16, 2011, 6:12 pm

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