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David Koch Won’t Answer How Many Homes He Owns

David Koch appeared pleased as House Speaker John Boehner escalated GOP attacks on the White House during a speech in New York City this week.

Koch, after all, told reporters after the raid on Osama Bin Laden that the president is a „hardcore socialist“ and that Obama is „scary to me“ (forget, for a moment, that Koch’s $21 billion net worth ought to afford freedom from fear).

But Koch wasn’t pleased when Koch Brothers Exposed asked him about his personal life. With his security detail and posse in tow, David demurred and power-walked away. What exactly is David Koch hiding? Tell me at my Koch Brothers Exposed page on Facebook.

Koch’s stone cold grimace matches the chilly reception our film crews received when they exposed the Koch brothers‘ glitzy multi-million dollar mansions in Palm Beach, the Hamptons, Aspen and elsewhere.

David’s personal life was not why he attended House Speaker John Boehner’s address to the Economic Club of New York. I wager his attendance was intended as a reward for Boehner while the House Speaker demanded the White House cut spending by trillions of dollars by August, which is when the country would likely default on its debt obligations.

Koch’s attitude toward Boehner is not really any different than what the fake David Koch, in the now-famous prank call, told the real Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker months ago. For Boehner, it’s cut spending by any means necessary. To Walker, it was smash organized labor by any means necessary.

This isn’t the first time Koch or his associates have made such a pitch to Boehner either. Koch personally attended Boehner’s Congressional swearing-in event in January and confessed on video to Think Progress that he’s thrilled Republicans are in charge and they will „cut spending“ – no matter the consequences.

With that in mind, we want your help answering a question we wrestle with every day. What do you think David Koch is hiding? I want to know your thoughts at our Koch Brothers Exposed page on Facebook.


Koch-Blocked: Geriatric Dildos of Fascism Fail

A U.S District Court (in Utah of all places) delivered a swift kick in the nuts to the Koch Brothers.

Anonymous free speech: 1

Koch Suckers: 0

Some environmental activist funny folks made a fake Koch website and apologized in the name of Koch Industries for being a pack of polluting, sleazy thugs and promised the company would change its grimy ways and no longer fund the undermining of climate science.

The Kochs sued for infringement of trademark, unfair competition, and cybersquatting and other stupid stuff.

Cybersquatting?  WTF?

:lol: :lol: Well, Kochs, you LOSE!!!! :lol: :lol:

Money can’t buy everything, you wrinkly, ugly sacks of gross!

Source: HERE and HERE



2 Gedanken zu “David Koch Won’t Answer How Many Homes He Owns

  1. I guess you know where I stand on the Kochs. 😀

    Verfasst von writechic | Mai 11, 2011, 9:40 pm

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