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Anonymous: Operation Iran – Action Alert

Operation Iran To the Noble People of Iran, We know how great you are. You have been killed, jailed, tortured and silenced by the illegal regime which has hijacked your country for the past thirty-two years, and yet you still rose up last year against a force that you knew meant you harm. They may … Weiterlesen

Anonymous: Operation Palestina

Anons of the world! On a daily basis palestinian civilians are being displaced, uprooted from   their homes, harassed by settlers and soldiers, denied their basic  human  rights, and kept inside the enormous prison known as Gaza, deprived of their basic freedoms. All of this on their own land,  outside and inside  their own homes. Anonymous … Weiterlesen

Arbeiter bricht im AKW Fukushima tot zusammen

Ein Arbeiter ist im AKW Fukushima zusammengebrochen – vermutlich aus Erschöpfung. Im Krankenhaus in Iwaki wurde sein Tod festgestellt. TOKIO. In Japan kehrt auch zwei Monate nach dem verheerenden Erdbeben und dem Tsunami keine Ruhe ein. Die Unglücksregion wird von starken Nachbeben heimgesucht, viele Menschen leben noch immer in Notunterkünften, Unzählige werden vermisst. Ununterbrochen arbeiten Reparaturtrupps … Weiterlesen

Facebook Censorship or not? (They removed our Fan page again)

This is bad news for a small business that is a start-up and has under 300 fans on Facebook. Why? We have to consistently “start all over again” to get the message out about our Internet security and privacy service!  As par for the course we did not receive any message from Facebook regarding the removal and disposal of … Weiterlesen

Eidos confirms website hack, email addresses and resumes stolen

Eidos has revealed that resumes of job hunters and email addresses of video game fans have been stolen by hackers in an attack on the Eidos and „Deus Ex: Human Revolution“ websites. Square Enix, the parent company of Eidos, confirmed the hack in a PDF press release. (Why do companies publish their press releases as PDFs, … Weiterlesen

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