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Police Brutality a glimpse

FEMA seal (old)

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Watch and come to your own point of view. This is our Future if we keep looking at the ground and not at whats happening around us.

Soon Police can go into your House search and arrest you for no reason if they feel like playing the Patriot act card. Soon you will not have the right to speak about your Opinion. you will be censored or jailed or killed. why do you think we are training our Troops and Police for martial law. even FEMA is training to House individuals in mass numbers in facilities all over the World. Consider the fact that you might become a Target because the list of possible Terrorist in the Patriot Act keeps getting bigger and you’ll be amazed to find out what groups and beliefs are in this list. One of which is believing in god.. plz ppl don’t just Stand up but have a voice.

Your Government wants you to not pay Attention so they can carry out this Tyranny on its own ppl. Ever wonder why in all of History of Wars we looked for any reason to budge in and now we are avoiding it at all costs. CUZ WE NEED OUR TROOPS AT HOME TO ATTACK OUR OWN PPL. Cheers and Peace be with you all.



5 Gedanken zu “Police Brutality a glimpse

  1. Eyes wide shut ?



    search box: MTV, popcorn, depleted uranium, suv, micro, lrad, monsanto, guillotines, egg, milk, water, silver, cereal, ibm, fluoride, farm, garden, mel,

    jesse, jones, beck, bush, clinton, obama, deception,rex, NASA, jfk ss, nwo,

    cfr, tri,ill, nau, nais, echelon, haarp, un, us, fiat, fda, ama, ada, tooth,



    Verfasst von dmparkman | Mai 14, 2011, 2:58 am

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