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Petition: No Internet Censorship, No Protect IP Act

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The internet is a free place where anyone and everyone can gather to freely share information, opinions. The internet has created forum communities, online games, online encyclopedia’s, Wikileaks. The internet has sparked revolutions and changed the lives of many. However the internet did come with it’s own problems, namely piracy.

The United States government is currently working on passing the PROTECT IP Act, which gives the United States government the right to censor search engine results, and have America-based Internet Service Provider’s deny access to websites with alleged copyright infringement.

The problem with this is that when you read through the bill, they are vague on what they consider „copyright infringing websites“. Under this definition, any website that has copyrighted content on it is liable to be censored. Furthermore, members of the United States government have stated that the people have the „freedom to connect“, which is like the freedom of assembly only in cyberspace. It is the right for the people to have uncensored internet access. This bill will directly go against this right. Also, since any site simply accused of copyright infringement is liable to be censored, this goes against the legal „presumption of innocence“. The presumption of innocence is our „innocent until proven guilty“ policy. This bill goes under a „guilty until proven innocent“ policy, and thus goes against the legal presumption of innocence.

That is why we ask for the United States government to not pass this bill, and if it is passed repeal it. This petition will be mailed to the United States government (in email form) by 5/24/13. If you support our efforts for a free, uncensored web then please leave your signature below.

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