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A Call To Arms – Help Defend Food Not Bombs !

Dear Friends & Members of the PLF —

You may recall that the Peoples Liberation Front recently paid a little visit to the City of Orlando, Florida whose government has been engaging in the despicable practice of arresting Food Not Bombs members for feeding hungry people in the city park. At that time we gave them this warning:

„If you force us to return, we may bring a certain friend with us. You may never have heard of the PLF, but we are certain you have heard of our friend. He’s a headless dude named Anonymous.“

Well my friends, the government of Orlando did just that, ignored us. There have been fresh arrests of FNB members for feeding. So Operation Orlando is now a joint Op between the Peoples Liberation Front and Anonymous. Please join us as we defend and protect the courageous Food Not Bombs people from this persecution.

The assault will begin tomorrow at Noon EDT. It will be the usual DDoS attack coupled with a Black Fax/E-Mail Bomb. Join either irc.anonpad.org or irc.anonops.li #OpOrlando and help us fight for the poorest of the poor and FNB.


Anonymous Press Release

June 15, 2011

At Noon EDT tomorrow Anonymous will launch an assault on the City of Orlando government web site. This is in direct response to the recent arrests of Food Not Bombs members for feeding hungry people in the park in Orlando, Florida. There is NO set time limit on how long this assault on the web site might last, nor is there any constraints now on what form of attack we may use. The gloves are off. Our friends and allies at the  Peoples Liberation Front tried to warn the City of Orlando to stop this persecution of FNB, but they refused to listen. Anonymous will now take this fight unto ourselves. The assault will also involve a Black Fax & E-Mail Bomb, whereby we shall explode the inboxes of City Hall with our warning: LEAVE  FOOD  NOT  BOMBS  ALONE !

We Are Anonymous – We Are Everywhere – We Are Legion – We Never Forget – We Never Forgive


SIGNED  —  Anonymous


Anonymous Communique

June 15, 2011

Greetings To The Government of the City of Orlando —

This is Anonymous. Our friends from the Peoples Liberation Front recently paid you a little visit to give you a warning to cease and desist from the horrible practice of arresting the members of Food Not Bombs for feeding hungry people in your city park. At that time they warned you that your tyranny might come to the attention of Anonymous.

Congratulations !  You now have the un-divided attention of Anonymous. Tomorrow at Noon, EXPECT  US.

YOURS  —  Commander X

PLF Field Commander

Peoples Liberation Front

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