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Anonymous: Operation Vendetta – Op Vendetta E-Mail Bomb

Please send E-Mails to these addresses, as many as you can from many addresses.

Spain & Turkey Police E-Mail Addresses: DOWNLOAD NOW


Also please E-Mail Bomb this contact form CLICK HERE

Please send the following text, and attach this image as well:

Greetings to the Governments of Spain and Turkey.

We are Anonymous.

We were watching when you were attacking the freedoms of your people. And we did not like what we saw. Spain, when your people were taking to the streets demanding fair and equal representation in their
government, you responded by arresting and victimizing your own people. Turkey, when your people were enjoying complete freedom on the internet, you saw fit to introduce a law to monitor their online activity.

Anonymous empathized with these struggles, and decided to take action. Over the last week, we sought to make a statement. We attacked the servers of strategic websites as a part of a peaceful protest, in support
of your people’s opposition of your wretched tyranny.

A DDoS attack is nothing more than people overwhelming and blocking access to a website, just as one might do in protest of a physical establishment. No property is lost or stolen. No person is harmed.
During the civil rights movement in America many business were physically blocked by people in protest against injustice. A DDoS attack is no different than taking up seats at the Woolworths lunch counter.

You inflate and demonize our actions, and make us out to be criminals, when in reality they were only exercising their basic rights to free expression. Thirty six people in your countries have been arrested, and are currently in the custody of the state. Thirty six people are being treated like criminals for engaging in a peaceful protest. The only crime they committed was temporarily denying access to your web domains. These thirty six people were Anonymous. And they did nothing wrong.

Yet they are in your custody. Because you fear that they are strong enough to work against you. Because you see that they stand together, united in the thousands, against you. In great numbers, your citizens, and sympathizers for their freedom came together and retaliated. They retaliated against your police attacking protesters. Retaliated against your lawmakers imposing censorship on them. En masse, with the global and unflinching support of the collective hivemind, the people of the internet stood up against you, and in protest, we DDoS’d your websites.

A website is a symbol, as is the act of DDoSing it. Alone, these attacks would be meaningless, but with enough people, taking down a website can change the world.

And that’s why you are afraid of what you saw us do. In reality, you need not fear us. You need not imprison us. You need not bear down on us and attack the people you are sworn to protect. We do not mean to be your enemy. Unfortunately, you intend to be ours.

Our fellow Anons have been put in prison by you. For engaging you in a peaceful protest, they have been locked up and deprived of their freedom. This is unacceptable. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. And we do not forgive. The only Verdict is Vengeance… a Vendetta, if you will. You will release your citizens, OUR people, from your criminal justice system at once, or we will not relent.

The people are strong now, and we think you will find it is dangerous to be a tyrant in these days. You will end your hesitation and relinquish your people, a nd their freedom. If you do not, then rest assured that We Will Fuck You Up. 

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We will not forgive this.
We will not forget this.



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