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Anonymous Message To Tunisian Government

Dear members of the Tunisian government.
Dear members of the Tunisian justice.
Dear members of the Tunisian police.

One week ago, we sent you a peaceful message about Mister Samir Feriani. We explained to you why we considered that you had to free him. It seems that you did not listen to us: Samir Feriani is still detained, his family and his friends are in despair, and we – Anonymous, the press, some very important humanitarian organizations and the Tunisian Internet – are starting to lose patience.

We have to make things clear: sorry, but your last press conference was not convincing at all.

You tell the press that Mister Samir Feriani has been beaten. Do you mean „tortured“? The idea that physical violence has been used by policemen to humiliate, threaten or brainwash a police officer is not good news for the people of Tunisia. The fact that you admit the existence of this violence is a very interesting first step in the direction of the truth, but it is not enough for us to congratulate you.

You tell the press that you are trying to find the truth about the informations that Mister Samir Feriani intended to share with the people of Tunisian, and you say that his fundamental rights are under your protection. But you do not tell us why you still detain Mister Samir Feriani. Why do you need to keep him in a jail right now? Please answer that question. How do you guarantee his Fundamental Rights? Please answer that question.

Now, dear leaders, let us tell you what we think about your attitude. We think that you are trying to hide the truth. You are trying to hide the truth that Mister Samir Feriani wanted to share with the people of Tunisia. You are trying to hide the truth about the way you really treat him. And you are trying to hide the reasons why Mister Samir Feriani is still under arrest.

We consider that you are destroying your fragile reputation in the eyes of the people of Tunisia. We consider that you do not prove that Fundamental Rights and real Justice matter to you. And we sincerely think that you make a mistake. Sooner or later, the truth will be clear for the people of Tunisia. Sooner or later, the guilty will be found guilty and the innocent will be freed. Sooner or later, and you know it, the ones who protect the truth will be saved, and the ones who silence them will be condemned.

So let us give you an advice, dear leaders: start now. Start unveiling the truth. Start respecting the human beings you work with and the ones you work for. Start respecting your judges, your journalists and your people. Start showing that you trust your people to the point that you are ready to be criticized and forgiven. Start proving that you are not as criminal as the criminals you are supposed to stop.

Telling us that Samir Feriani has been beaten is not enough. We want more. The press wants more. The NGOs want more. Your people want more. And we, Anonymous, want more. We are pretty sure that you can understand that it is YOUR interest to show more respect to Mister Samir Feriani and to the truth. You need it much more than us. You are the ones who will be thanked – maybe – if you free Mister Samir Feriani and let him use all the rights he fully deserves as a Tunisian citizen. But you are the ones who will have problems if Mister Samir Feriani is treated in an unjust way. You are the ones who will be considered as traitors to the Tunisian revolution, if you do not respect its ideals, its hopes and its extreme seriousness.

And this applies to each one of you, gentlemen, from the highest judge to the most humble prison guard. There will no exception. So, now, who do you want to be in the next weeks and months? Only you can decide.

As you may know, the Tunisian press and the international media are starting to get more and more interested in the Feriani case. And it is just the beginning. We can do much better. We will. You can do much better too. Will you?

We will not forget Mister Samir Feriani.
We will not forgive violence and lies.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
Expect us.

Thanks to AnonInformation 



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