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Hackers United: RedHack is in this fight as well!

RedHack is in this fight as well!

We Salute Anonymous!
Oppressed, self-sacrificing people from all sorts of nationalities; 
To our Revolutionary, Democratic, Patriotic and Dissident comrades; 

We, RedHack (Red Hackers Association), who has been the voice of our people in digital communication and in the world of informatics since 1997 are supporting the actions by Anonymous against the fascistic censorship laws which also attributes to Auto-censorship due to take effect on 22nd August 2011. We have taken part in these actions directly and declare that we will continue to take part in the future actions against the censorship.

On 8th June 2011 we have answered the calls from Anonymous and joined the platform belongs to them to jointly conduct actions against the censorship fascism which has been openly introduced by the Turkish state. Bearing in mind the internationalism and the stand of the oppressed people’s ideology we have taken part in all the operations, mainly against BTK.
As usual all the operation took place has been manipulated by the sold-out media that has been funded and supported by the capitalism. During this period they tried very hard to weaken the support to Anonymous by stating that “ Anonymous is a group of outside powers“ and manipulated the international solidarity of Anonymous which does not rely on the grounds of race and in this way they tried to distort the operations. Also some so called hacker groups (their names are not even worth to mention) labelled the Anonymouscomponents by labelling them „traitors to the country“ and gave out statements to sold-out media. Some of the media have also censored the operations and the actions of RedHack and tried to reflect to the public that it was the first time we have carried out this sort of an attacks in our history. Those of you who have known RedHack will also recall our high quality actions.

Those who think they become hackers by selling rings and necklaces, pretending to hack low profile websites through very simple gaps with stolen codes, convince people they are hackers by stealing Facebook profiles, „script kiddies“ lamer groups tried to show themselves as those who protects the state. They have portrayed being a hacker by disclosing IP’s of people to the state which really don’t have anything to do with Anonymous.

They have sat on the laps of the state by playing patriotic. Not only this but these supposed hacker groups taken part in TV shows and stated that „60% of these actions was the work of terrorist group RedHack“ to undermine the legitimate attacks and openly pointed to RedHack as a target. Also these groups have portrayed the actions against censorship by stating „these people are porn lovers“ with the help of sold out media. They tried to provoke people against us by using their cultural sensitivity through painting themselves as „guards of morals“.

Since 1997, revolutionary hacker group REDHACK for the oppressed and oppositions have acted against these sort of fake hack groups by various actions and some of the fascist sites were blocked. We have always claimed responsibility for the attacks against these groups and once more we underline that these sorts of groups are not the ones who protect the state but they are the one who have been protected by the state. As we state in our constitution we do not have a principle to attack these lamer groups directly but suggest to them that; you cannot be real hackers by sitting on the laps of the state and give out statement to the media with your lies. You shouldn’t mix up hacking with selling souvenirs and should you decide to carry on with your acts you will be responsible for the consequences in real or imaginary life. We suggest to you that you don’t deal with things that are far away from the capacity of your minds. Those of you who know RedHack will also know and should know the consequences of your movements.

While these developments go on in digital world, someone has pressed the button and police have acted to scare and suppress people. The state tried to intimidate people by arresting under 15’s and broadcasted them on sold-out TV’s. They have not been successful to stop the operation but radicalised them more. They have even used Linux Users Association (LKD) to agitate the digital world against Anonymous and RedHack. The state used the free and open software Linux to serve their dirty works.

To the real Revolutionary, Opposition and Socialist Press:
Our action has been manipulated by the sold-out media to spread huge filthy information. The sold-out media have served their class by bringing the fascist groups (not hackers) who support the state into the arena, but our media have not done their duty to highlight the action of the people who actually struggles for them. Our expectation from revolutionary, opposition and socialist press is to highlight this sort of dirty works and advance the struggle against them shoulder to shoulder with us. This is the duty of all who believes in freedom of information.

To the Hackers:
To be a hacker you do not only need an accumulation of information, naturally it has a philosophy of being against the system. Those whom don’t have a philosophy, sitting on the laps of the state trying to show they are protecting the state but in fact they are been protected by the state and stating they are hacking cannot be a hackers and neither a human being but a clown, coward, opportunists. We don’t think you can be a hacker by limiting yourselves only to hacking. Without a hacking theory there cannot be a hacking. Just like those who follow „The Mentor’s „Hacker Manifesto“ RedHack use its ability for the sake of the people with its „hacking for people“ principle regardless of their race, religion, language, country or gender.
Our expectations from the “information thirsty” hackers are to approach through this basis and support the actions of Anonymous. We desire that all the hackers who know the real hacker ethics to advance the struggle by contributing with all their forces.

To Anonymous:
In your last Operation Turkey statement you have send us your salute and appreciation for our support to the operation. We would like you to know that this salute and appreciation is very important for us. It’s our duty to offer you thanks and gratitude for your international solidarity and courageous attitude towards the specific problem in our land.
We regret the unfair propaganda against you in our land but would like to assure you that this is not the general attitude.
We would like to point out once more that in the future we will be in solidarity with you for your righteous actions. On behalf of Red hack (Red Hackers Association) and our people we send you our revolutionary salutes.

To the RedHack militants:
We announce to our supporters and those who give affection to RedHack that we reserve a right to continue our attacks not only by DDOS  but in the form of defacement, announcement and attack hacking, wiping out/changing information, bearing in mind the RedHack’s principles of hacking for the people. We call on hackers who gave affection to RedHack’s philosophy to be in solidarity with Anonymous in real and virtual life.

Our call to the sensible people:
Against the fascist formations who creates a dirty propaganda by “painting themselves as hackers”

Against the sold-out media who reports by the wishes of their rich masters, Against the incompetent Cyber-Crime Police’s fake victory exclamations, Against those people who are system canine and enemy of free and open code that organise in the ranks of Linux Users Association,  We should be vigilant towards them for their dirty work that serves to portrait the people against the censorship by branding them as porn lovers. We should advance the struggle and take part in the ranks of Anonymous and RedHack.

The new laws which is expected to be passed through on 22nd August will grow the reality of censorship in our country and will prevent people writing their thoughts freely as they will be forced to choose a package or face been excluded from it. It is a mystery that what sort of websites will be deemed to be the part of  or excluded from the “family” package and according to what basis. Other question is, according to what and who the “family” concept has been created.

Our attacks will be increased unless the Turkish State doesn’t reform their systematic censorship politics to the benefit of the people that is due to be in effect from 22nd August. Our attacks will not only consist of DDOS. We reserve our right to keep the other form of attacks distinctively secret. As a result of our struggle, we have heard that the so called censorship laws will be postponed. We believe that postponing them is not enough. The responsible people within the government should form a working group that consist of experts, ordinary public and create reforms for the benefit of the people and announce this practice through the media.

Also, the arrest terror and manipulations against the people who oppose censorship should stop immediately. The support given to fake hacking groups should be ceased. The people who try to expose the counter-guerrilla tactics into the virtual world should be identified and brought to justice. The censorship against the revolutionary and opposition media should be lifted and their right to freedom of expression and association should be taken under guarantee. If these demands not met the relevant officials should know that we will have no choice but to consider our actions again. Otherwise we will not be responsible for the consequences but the people that are behind the censorship laws will be responsible. We are waiting for the goodwill steps and watching carefully.

Censorship is a crime against humanity! Anonymous and RedHack is the name of struggle against censorship!
Down with those who filter our freedom!
Down with those who tries to legitimise censorship!
Down with sold out reporters who turn blind eye to opposition and their monopolist media institutions!
Down with the bourgeoisie’s dis-information bureau and their incompetent police.
Down with those who plays out to be a hacker on the laps of the state.

Long live the organised power of the people and their struggle against censorship!
Long live the opinion struggle of the people who are information thirst!
Long Live Anonymous 
Long Live Lulzsec!
Long Live RedHack!

RedHack /Central Committee 




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