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PLF: A Call To Arms For Operation Belarus – Action Alert 1

Peoples Liberation Front – Press Release and Action Alert 1

July 19, 2011

It has come to the attention of the Peoples Liberation Front the current plight of the freedom loving people of Belarus. Using social media and the internet, the people of Belarus have risen up against their dictator in a popular street movement modelled on the revolutions spreading globally from the mid east to Africa and beyond.

Trailer Operation Belarus #opbelarus

For over a decade, there has been virtually no independent traditional media in Belarus. The independent FM radio stations have been closed. Belarusian television channels independant of state control have never existed. The Internet has been and remains the only source of objective information for the majority of Belarusians. In recent years the number of internet users in the country has grown to nearly one-quarter of the population.

Abstract from Article 79 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus
„The President shall enjoy immunity, and his honour and dignity shall be protected by the law.“

Por más de una década, realmente no ha existido un medio de comunicación independiente en Bielorrusia. Las estaciones de radio FM independientes han sido cerradas. Nunca han existido canales de televisión independientes del control del estado. Internet es el único medio de información objetivo que aún permanece para la mayoría de sus habitantes. En años recientes, el numero de usuarios de internet ha aumentado a casi un cuarto de la población.
Extracto del artículo 79 de la constitución de la República de Bielorrusia:
„El presidente deberá disfrutar inmunidad, y su honor y dignidad deberán ser protegidas por la ley“

Seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt gibt es keine unabhängigen Medien in Weißrussland. Unabhängige Radiostationen wurden geschlossen. Das Fernsehen wird vom Staat kontrolliert und das Internet ist das einzige „freie“ Medium, dass einem großen Teil der Einwohner zur Verfügung steht. In den letzten Jahren ist die Zahl der Nutzer stetig gestiegen und liegt nun bei 25% der Bevölkerung.
Auszug aus Artikel 79 der weißrussischen Verfassung:
„Der Präsident genießt Immunität, seine Ehre und seine Integrität wird vom Gesetz geschützt.“

These protesters, along with the national and international journalsists covering these events have been brutalized, arrested – and persecuted. The Peoples Liberation Front will not stand for this, and now launches Operation Belarus to defend and assist these courageous protesters and reporters in Belarus.

Tomorrow at High Noon in Minsk, Belarus (5:00 AM Eastern Time USA) the forces of the PLF will take down the web site of the dictator of Belarus located @ http://president.gov.by – and we will from this day until the tyrant leaves power remove this site from the interwebz. This initial action and raid will be accompanied by a Black Fax and E-Mail Bomb action targeting the Office of the President of Belarus. PLF Operation Belarus has begun. Remember our Official Peoples Liberation Front Motto: Nil Desparandum – No Despair

Action Alert 1

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/qPfdMsqz

Flyer to Send:

A call To Arms For PLF Operation Belarus ! Everyone — The Great World Revolution of 2011 continues with a vital campaign to rid the world of another evil dictator and tyrant. please help us ! WHERE: irc.IranServ.com #OpBelarus WHEN: Now!

FREE Belarus Facebook Page – http://on.fb.me/gokeDZ
Latest News – http://bit.ly/ofkGpq

Peoples Liberation Front – http://www.PeoplesLiberationFront.tk



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