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Putin says U.S. is „parasite“ on global economy

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused the United States Monday of living beyond its means „like a parasite“ on the global economy and said dollar dominance was a threat to the financial markets.

„They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy,“ Putin told the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi while touring its lakeside summer camp some five hours drive north of Moscow.

„They are living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar,“ Putin said at the open-air meeting with admiring young Russians in what looked like early campaigning before parliamentary and presidential polls.

US President Barack Obama earlier announced a last-ditch deal to cut about $2.4 trillion from the U.S. deficit over a decade, avoid a crushing debt default and stave off the risk that the nation’s AAA credit rating would be downgraded.

The deal initially soothed anxieties and led Russian stocks to jump to three-month highs, but jitters remained over the possibility of a credit downgrade.

„Thank god,“ Putin said, „that they had enough common sense and responsibility to make a balanced decision.“

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Putin: US-Wirtschaft parasitiert vom Dollar-Monopol

Die vom US-Kongress erzielte (mündliche) Vereinbarung, die Höchstgrenze nach oben zu korrigieren, um dem Default vorzubeugen, berge im Grunde genommen nichts Gutes in sich

Das bedeutet, dass das Land auf Pump lebt, einen Teil seiner Probleme auf die gesamte Weltwirtschaft abwälzt… und vom Monopol des Dollars parasitiert. – Putin

Der Dollar möge zwar die treibende Kraft für die Weltwirtschaft sein, aber diese Abhängigkeit birgt die Gefahr eines globalen Absturzes. Tatsächlich ist die USA Pleite und jedes Land das eine Absicherung seiner Bürger sucht sollte sich mit den Gedanken anfreunden, in Zukunft sich vom Dollar trennen zu müssen.

vollständiger Artikel: rian.ru

Während im Senat Tür und Tor für weitere Schulden geöffnet wird, hat die erste Stadt offiziell ihren Bankrott erklärt. Rhode Island schickt quasi seine Bediensteten in Ruhestand und trotzdem bekommen die USA noch ein „AAA“-Rating ihrer Kreditwürdigkeit. Wie falsch kann man denn noch sein um zu erkennen, dass dieses destruktive Wirtschaftssystem direkt in den Abgrund führt.

Rhode Island’s Central Falls files for bankruptcy

Central Falls, Rhode Island, one of a handful of U.S. cities and counties facing fiscal collapse in the wake of the economic recession, filed for a rare Chapter 9 bankruptcy on Monday.

The bankruptcy filing, a risky and potentially expensive move that could freeze the city out of the U.S. municipal bond market, marks a symbolic blow as state and local governments struggle to pull themselves out of the recession.

The smallest city in the smallest U.S. state made the filing as it grappled with an $80 million unfunded pension and retiree health benefit liability that is nearly quadruple its annual budget of $17 million.

„This is a wake-up call for other struggling towns,“ said Eileen Norcross, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. „States should be looking at Rhode Island and saying, ‚How can we avoid this?“

Still, dire predictions of mass municipal defaults made late last year by Wall Street analyst Meredith Whitney have not come to pass. A string of failures could rattle the $2.9 trillion U.S. municipal debt market.

The Central Falls filing was not the start of a „huge nation-wide trend“, said Adam Stern, a vice president at Boston-based Breckinridge Capital Advisors, a municipal bond investment firm.

„A bankruptcy filing is sort of an endgame over years and years of economic distress, so it’s not something your typical U.S. town or city is likely to experience anytime soon,“ he said.

There have been only 624 municipal bankruptcies under Chapter 9 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code since 1937, with five occurring last year, according to James Spiotto, a municipal bankruptcy expert at the law firm Chapman and Cutler. For graphic see: r.reuters.com/kyb92s

Alabama’s Jefferson County is currently working to ward off the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history stemming from its $3.2 billion sewer bond crisis. The Pennsylvania state capital of Harrisburg, which has about $300 million incinerator debt, is also considering bankruptcy.

Those cases lead some to take a pessimistic view on the future of municipal bankruptcies in the United States.

„Chapter 9 has been a fairly unusual event but we and many others think that’s not necessarily going to be the case going forward,“ said Sean Scott, a municipal bankruptcy expert at law firm Mayer Brown.


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