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Anonymous – Antisec Strike Back Against the Empire

Hello We Are Anonymous we have formed a hacktivist Voltron to strike back against international police efforts to arrest our brothers; hacked the police. It’s a war, now. And we’ve developed a war-room style video of Antisecec’s history. In a sting called operation „Shooting Sherrifs Saturday,“ LulzSec and Anonymous have published a cache of 10GB of private data grabbed from police servers. The move was in retaliation for arrests of alleged LulzSec and Anonymous hackers–most prominently a young chap from Scotland who the British police maintain is LulzSec key figure „Topiary.“ We are with you!

The cache is jam-packed with „a massive amoung of confidential information that is sure to embarass [sic], discredit and incriminate police officers across the U.S, with private email threads, password data, training files, and other personal information that’s similar to that usually obtained by hacktivists when exposing weak security in sites like Sony and News International. Here’s a detailed look at hack attacks so far.The NI case is worth a mention here, because LulzSec used a subtle and clever hack to get in to NI’s servers, and have scooped serious evidence in the form of numerous emails relating to the Murdoch family–a data cache so hot that thus far decided not to reveal its contents. And in this latest case, and have surpassed even this scoop because we also published addresses and Social Security numbers, credit card data, and even „snitch information.“

The credit card data was obtained by sneaking into the commercial servers used to host police Net activity and snooping on police activity. then used the cards to make „involuntary donations to the ACLU, the EFF, the Bradley Manning Support Network and more.“ We feel that law enforcement has an „inherently corrupt nature“ and by exposing this, we hope to cause „humiliation, firings and possible charges against several officers“ and also to „disrupt and sabotage their ability to communicate.

As for the snitches, and exposure of some officers to personal risk, AntiSec notes „we have no sympathy for any of the officers or informants who may be endangered by the release of their personal information“ because „for too long they have been using and abusing our personal information.“

„eye for an eye“

Anonymous is Legion.
Anonymous does not forgive.
Anonymous does not forget.
Expect us.

Upload: xen0nymous


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