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A Call For The Firing Of Linton Johnson

@CrappyTires Statement

Updates: I have found Linton’s full information, including address, husband, and foreclosure papers filed on his home. I am not going to release these for privacy reasons. Linton, consider that my way of showing you I mean you no harm.

Dear BART, Linton Johnson & Internet Readers,

My name is CrappyTires. That’s not my real name, of course. But, it’s my assumed name. Now, before I start.. You’re probably wondering, why do I hide under an anonymous name, because I commit crimes? Nope. Because I want to hide from cops? Nope.

No, the reason that I am under an Anonymous name, is because I know that I will face retribution for whatever I say as myself.

I’m writing you this paste, from a location near Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada.

See, I’ve been watching the #OpBart protests, I’ve been watching via IRC, listening to the Police radio, and reading 100’s of articles about the Bart Protests.. And I’m mad, really mad, about an employee of the BART.

That employee is Mr. Linton Johnson. A man, who when I researched, I found out has not been on Twitter since 09, and is almost untracable online. See, Linton Johnson is someone who does not believe in freedom, and does not understand simple concepts. Linton is someone who has 0 sense of professionalism. Yet, Linton is your PR Spokesman.

If you look at any company, the face of that company is their PR staff. Isn’t it kind of embarrassing to have someone like Linton be the FACE of your company? I own a company here in Canada, and I can tell you we would NEVER Hire Linton, we are looking for professionals.

Let’s look at an example shall we:


Let’s look quickly at a quote:

„Linton Johnson, the communications officer credited with the idea of cutting service, said, „We survived for years without cellphone service. Now they’re bitching and complaining that we turned it off for three hours?“

How professional does it reflect on BART, when your communications officer, is using the word „bitching“ when talking to media. I can tell you right now, that no staff member of mine, EVER or WILL EVER, use the word „bitching“ in a statement. This is a very UNPROFESSIONAL reflection on a company.

That’s example 1. Another example of Linton’s insanity is his suggestion, his idea, to turn off the Cell phones. Clearly, Linton was NOT Concerned at all for your customers. I have a question – As a business owner, if I rely on the BART for my daily transit, and I expect to conduct business over my mobile phone (as usual), and suddenly you cut service. Should I not be mad?

Linton seems to be under the impression that he is in control of where we can express our minds. That’s not the case. Sure, we should/cannot disrupt your systems, but we should be welcome to speak our opinions ALWAYS.

And finally one more example for you. Linton Johnson says that all Americans have a constitutional right to Privacy. Is that the case Linton? Then why is there a PHONE BOOK listing everyone’s information? I certainly DO NOT support the leak of information. But I also don’t support your OBVIOUS carelessness for customer data.

Why does BART not claim any fault? How come it was so EASY for Anonymous to get the data? Clearly, your servers are filled with issues.

Now, I want to finish this letter by calling for the resignation or firing of Mr Linton Johnson. He does not put BART in the „best“ light, especially after all of the „murders“ by officers, near the BART. He is completely destroying your public image, and he should be fired.

Thank you for reading this.

Your friend,

Crappy Tires…

Disclaimer: This is a matter of OPINION. This is not LIBELOUS. Before you tell me Linton, that I violated your rights with this, remember that I did my research. I know what I can say and I can’t say. I haven’t made fun of you, I’ve made statements with proof.



Message To Linton:

Please contact me using the Information below. I would love to chat with you.

Contact Info:

CrappyTires@Gmail.com (Hate Mail/PR/Media/Etc)




Ein Gedanke zu “A Call For The Firing Of Linton Johnson

  1. I want you to know that I like your blog very much, and I am passing along the versatile blogger award to you. You might have already received the award…if so, then congratulations on getting more than one. 🙂
    Here is a link to my blog post about the award if you are interested…
    Take care 🙂

    Verfasst von Sean | Oktober 16, 2011, 4:49 pm

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