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Anonymous Message to The United States Regarding NSA Statement

DHS National Cyber Security and Communications Integration Center Bulletin Warns Against Project Mayhem 2012:http://www.scribd.com/doc/80286138/Project-Mayhem-2012-12-21-2012-11-11-Imagi…

This is a message from Anonymous to the United States government.
We now see that you have publicly labeled Anonymous as a leaderless terrorist organization that poses a high threat to national security.
You spew propaganda of and upcoming event to cause physical disruption.
We have openly stated we do not seek to hurt or harm anyone.
The US government has heard our call and it is now time you have heard as well.
On 12.21.2012 we seek to put and end to corruption world wide.
A time to end censorship.
A time to end tyranny.
A time to leak it all.
On this day we Anonymous ask you join us in this historical event.
The clock is ticking.

We are Anonymous.
We are Project Mayhem 2012
We are everyone.
The game is over.
Thanks for playing.

Press Release: http://pastebin.com/ZyrCd264

For Updates:

Anoninfowarfare Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/AnonInfoWarfare
Anoninfowarfare Tumblr: http://anoninfowarfare.tumblr.com/

Anonymous message to the NSA

Greetings NSA,

We are Anonymous.

Your statement regarding the potential future sabotage of power grids by Anonymous, disgusts us to the core, as it is clearly an attempt at fear mongering. The idea that Anonymous would shut down one of the most vital resources for it to operate, is ludicrous.

While security and intelligence organizations throughout the world attempt to depict Anonymous as a ‚terrorist organization‘, many people understand that this same subset of Anonymous they speak of, is actually a movement for freedom. This appears to scare government organizations, to the point where they might do anything in an attempt to discredit Anonymous, and make people believe Anonymous exists solely to harm innocent people.

Are these claims and predictions an attempt to falsely accuse Anonymous of something that will happen in the future – maybe even being orchestrated by the same government organizations that are now already blaming Anonymous? Many people have warned about the sad state of the power grid infrastructure in the past, but why would we shut down our own computers and other communication tools?

Thousands of people rely on electricity for everything they do; hospitals even need this electricity to save lives, and taking out the power grid would cause harm to the very people we wish to protect.

There is no valid reason for us to shut down the power grid, as far as we are aware. Any such predictions by the various government, security, and intelligence organizations are likely attempts to instill fear into those that don’t understand this, and to discredit Anonymous as a whole.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
For once don’t expect us.

follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Gardenslayer

Anony_Ops: https://twitter.com/#!/anonyops_
Discordian: https://twitter.com/#!/DiscordiAnon
joepie91: https://twitter.com/#!/joepie91
anon2world: https://twitter.com/#!/anon2world

anon2world: https://twitter.com/#!/anon2world
Discordian: https://twitter.com/#!/DiscordiAnon

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