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Message From TheAnonParty

Hello people of the world. We were Anonymous. But now Anonymous is entering a new stage in its evolution. We are transitioning from attacking the system from the outside to restructuring it from the inside. There are people from all political parties that support Internet freedom and civil rights. Although these people support our goals, … Weiterlesen

Anonymous: Operation Vendetta – Op Vendetta E-Mail Bomb

Please send E-Mails to these addresses, as many as you can from many addresses. Spain & Turkey Police E-Mail Addresses: DOWNLOAD NOW   Also please E-Mail Bomb this contact form CLICK HERE Please send the following text, and attach this image as well: Greetings to the Governments of Spain and Turkey. We are Anonymous. We were watching … Weiterlesen

Anonymous takes down National Police website #OpPolicia

Saturday the infamous, international Internet hactivist collective known as Anonymous launched a successful DDoS attack against the Spanish National Police website. The attack is a direct response to the Friday arrests of three individuals alleged to be associated with acts of cyber civil disobedience attributed to Anonymous. Operation Policia (#OpPolicia) is the name for the … Weiterlesen

An Open Letter to Hackers (communique #0.01)

Canada has a new majority government. The British parliamentary system ensures that, when a political party wins a majority of seats, its leader gets to govern as a Great Man, essentially as a dictator. And, in today’s case, a dictator ideologically committed to a singularly terrifying vision of a stronger, cleaner, more perfect Canadian state. … Weiterlesen

Anonymous: Resistance Begins NOW. System Failure: Eminent

People of the world, allow me to introduce myself as Anonymous and only as anonymous for I am nothing more than an idea. An idea of a free world, void of oppression. Void of poverty and murder by the hand of tyrannical rule. Void of hopelessness and genocide. A world where the true purpose and priority in life … Weiterlesen

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